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With Ztove, you can easily cook rice, potatoes and pasta without the risk of boiling over, overcooking or undercooking. Read how below.

Automate your everyday dishes and enjoy the benefits

At Ztove, we have tested some of the dishes cooked the most and found out how to prepare them to perfection. You can start the automated recipes, and the food will almost make itself, so you can focus on doing all the fun stuff in the kitchen instead.

You free up more time and are guaranteed a delicious result.

Below we have collected five dishes and side dishes that gain a lot from being automated.

How do you Cook Rice?

Does your rice always stick to the bottom of your pot?

Many people buy a rice cooker because rice can be tricky to cook. You do not have to. Just choose our rice program in the app with the right amount of rice, water and time, combined with the right temperature – you will get the same delicious result every time.

Ris i gryde

How do you Make a Perfectly Cooked Egg?

The perfect egg. This situation is perhaps one of the most individual opinions in the kitchen. The only certain thing is that you should cook a soft-boiled egg for a shorter time than a hard-boiled one.

With the right temperature, you can make the perfect egg for your taste while lowering water and energy consumption! With Ztove, you can steam your eggs instead of boiling them, saving water.

Med Ztove kogepladen og kasseroller er der ikke noget, der koger over

When is Pasta Cooked Al Dente?

The pasta is al dente when it is soft enough to eat but still has a slight bite.

Pasta doesn’t need to boil vigorously to be cooked perfectly. With Ztove, you can simmer the water at 103 ºC without the risk of it boiling over. You can also confidently cook pasta with the lid on without risking it boiling over. This way, you save a lot of energy. We’ve created a recipe that works for all types of pasta, find it here.

få en pastakoger når du har ztove gryder og pander

How long does Potatoes need to Cook?

How long should you boil potatoes?

We’ve conducted extensive testing, taste-testing, and experimentation to create the perfect program that guarantees delicious potatoes every single time.

The boiling time for potatoes varies depending on their size, and it’s crucial to adjust the cooking time to achieve the desired texture. With our recipe, you can select the program that suits the size of your potatoes.

If you have plenty of time, you can choose to poach your potatoes at 95 ºC. This method ensures the potatoes become creamy on the inside and firm to the bite, while preserving their minerals and vitamins better. Though it takes longer, it results in perfectly cooked potatoes that are neither overcooked nor undercooked.

We’ve compiled all the methods into one comprehensive recipe, making it effortless for you to cook delicious potatoes every single time, regardless of the potato size you have. Choose the program that suits your potatoes, and the rest will be automatically taken care of with Ztove’s temperature control.

kogte kartofler med ét klik. Få den perfekte konsistens på dine kartofler


When toasting bread in a pan, you can decide how light or dark you want the bread to be. The temperature you set the pan to determines how quickly it will brown. If you toast your bread in butter, the crispness and colour of the bread simply depend on the amount of time it sits on the pan.

By toasting your bread on a Ztove pan, you get a much more consistent result across the entire surface. You don’t have to worry about whether it will burn, how powerful your toaster is, where it heats the most, and how thick a slice of bread you can have in it. Perfect for bruschetta, burger buns, sandwich bread, and much more. You can find our recipe for butter-toasted bread here.

smørristet brød ved 190 ºC

More time during the week, better food on the weekends

With a few automations to your cooking, you can experience having much more time in your day. Now you can make oatmeal, eggs, or whatever else you fancy in the morning and be sure you never burn anything.

On weekends, you can focus on improving your culinary skills—even with dishes you’ve never tried before. Or you can explore new ways to make your favourite recipes.

Free up time and achieve great results—use Ztove to automate simple tasks in the kitchen, such as boiling rice, potatoes, and pasta.

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