Fried chicken breast in a skillet

Pan-fried Chicken Breast


One of the hardest cuts of meat to cook well is a skinless chicken breast. It often becomes dry, but with temperature control, it’s easy to cook delicious and moist chicken breasts.


Pan-fried Chicken Breasts

50 gram Butter

4 pcs. Chicken breast without skin



Fry the chicken

Add the butter to a skillet and set the temperature to 140 °C. Melt the butter until the water has evaporated. When melting the butter at this lower temperature, it won’t splutter as much.

Increase the temperature to 170 °C.

Salt the chicken breasts and place them in the pan.

Fry them for 6 minutes on each side. Depending on the size of the breasts, they may need 1-2 minutes more or less. But 12 minutes is about right for most of the chicken breasts you find in the supermarket.

Remove the chicken from the pan and let it rest for about 5 minutes before serving.