Ghee – Browned butter


Ghee is widely used in Indian cuisine. It is not quite the same as clarified butter, as it has a toasted nutty flavor that clarified butter doesn’t have.

Ghee contains fewer milk proteins than normal butter. You can therefore use it for frying at higher temperatures without it burning.

Normally it’s difficult to make ghee without it burning or splattering all over the cook top. That’s where the temperature control really comes in handy, as we can ensure that the temperature is kept at the right level, thus preventing this.



250 gram Butter


Boil away the water

Add the butter to a frying pan. Start the program and let it melt and simmer at 130 ºC until the water has boiled away. You could do it at a higher temperature, but then the butter will splutter and you’ll have a lot of clean up.

Brown the butter

Set the temperature between 160-175 °C. Depending on how brown you want your ghee. Let the butter simmer for about 6 minutes, until it stops bubbling and smells nice and nutty.

Strain the ghee

Strain your ghee to remove all the cooked milk particles.

Pour your ghee into a container.

The ghee will keep for months in the refrigerator or a couple of weeks on the kitchen counter.

If you like, mix in some olive oil to make it easy to use straight from the fridge. The oil prevents the butter from getting too firm.