Grilled Cheese


Grilled cheese is perfect to cook with temperature control. You can easily get a delicious golden crust and melted cheese, with no risk of burning the bread.

It’s quick to make and is great for both lunch and dinner. Plus, you can vary the fillings so everyone in the family gets just the combination of flavors they prefer. Some might like a simple version with just cheese or cheese and ham, while others are a little more adventurous and fancy with chorizo, pesto and tomato. The possibilities are endless!

At the bottom of the recipe you can find a list of suggestions for the filling.


Grilled Cheese

2 pcs. Sliced bread

Butter as needed

2-3 pcs. Cheese slices

Filling of choice


Assemble the sandwich

Apply butter to two pieces of bread.

Place one piece of bread with the butter side down. Add cheese and your desired fillings. Top with the other piece of bread, butter side up.

Cook the sandwich

Heat your Ztove pan to 165 ºC.

Add the sandwich and cover with a lid to help the cheese melt. Cook the sandwich for 5 minutes on the first side.

Flip the sandwich and cook for another 5 minutes under lid.

Transfer your sandwich to a plate and serve.

Filling suggestions

Cheese + ham
Cheese + ham + mustard
Cheese + pesto + serrano ham
Cheese + pesto + tomato
Cheese + truffle mayo + serrano ham
Cheese + chorizo
Cheese + tomato sauce + pepperoni + dried oregano