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The cooktop with temperature controllable pots and pans.

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Temperature control is the new standard

With traditional cooktops, you have to constantly adjust the heat. With Ztove, you can set the precise temperature once and trust technology to do the rest.

100 days trial period

If you decide Ztove is not for you within the first 100 days, we offer a full refund – no questions asked.

We will come to you to uninstall and pick up the Ztove system at no cost.

Read more about our trial period.

“The best cookware in the world”

It is a bold statement, but we truly believe it.

Our cookware is equipped with a thick 6 mm base. The base is designed with a 3-layer sandwich construction of steel-aluminium-steel.

This feature makes the heat distribution 37 % better compared to regular stainless steel cookware, allowing you to cook and fry evenly on the entire cookware surface.

Ztove cookware gives you consistently great results.

Cookware that lasts

Our cookware is designed with durability in mind.

Non-stick surfaces are often destroyed because of overheating. Our cookware has a max. temperature of 250 ºC, making the non-stick surface able to last nearly forever.

The temperature limit provides a safe zone for kids and elderlies by removing the risk of accidental overheating, causing kitchen fires.

Skill enhancing technology

When you cook with temperature control, you truly understand your ingredients.

It is easier to experiment with your food when you are not subject to the imprecision of regular cookware. You will learn to recognize ingredients reactions at different temperature levels.

With a deeper understanding of how and why food reacts the way it does, you will have a more enjoyable time cooking – even when you are not using Ztove.