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From 1.349 €, including a Ztove pot and pan

Control the temperature with ± 1 ºC. Nothing boils over. Nothing burns. Explore a world of new possibilities.

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Ztove System 80 cm Induction Cooktop with 3 L Pot and 24 cm Nonstick Pan.

Patented Technology

Set the temperature in the app. Pots and pans measure the temperature and the cooktop automatically maintains it.

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Ztove Pots and Pans

Built-in temperature sensor in the base.

Control the temperature. Taste the difference.

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Your control panel. 150+ extensively tested recipes.

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Trusted by the best

  • Rene Mammen
    Michelin-starred chef and owner of Restaurant Substans

    “My prediction is that Ztove will become the standard in all modern kitchens. It certainly is in mine.”


  • Klaus Andersen
    Winner of 'The Great Danish Bake Off' 2022

    “Ztove maintains a stable temperature, so it’s something I truly can recommend.”


  • Per Asmussen
    Owner of the food magazine GastroFun

    “After trying Ztove, I’m convinced that temperature control will become the standard in every kitchen.”


  • Christian Jacobsen
    Trained Chef

    “As a father, it’s fantastic to be able to check on my children without worrying that the food will burn or boil over.”


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