Ztove app features

With the Ztove app you can set the temperature, use recipes and automatic programmes, read about system updates, new features and access our fast support.

Introduction to the app

The Ztove app is the ideal tool for controlling the temperature of Ztove, and has a number of useful features that make cooking easier. It acts as the central base for your temperature-controlled cooking and helps you get started with temperature control.

You have access to all Ztove recipes and programs to inspire as well as simplify your cooking. The app allows you to personalise your experience by adding your favourite- and own recipes.

Read more about the app’s 4 pages.

Home page: Find information

On your home page, you can keep up to date with everything new from Ztove, from new recipes and articles to promotions and system updates with new features.

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Control page: Overview of your cooking

The control page gives you a full overview of your cooking. You can view and set the temperature of your pots and pans with a precision of ±1 °C and access an overview of recommended temperatures for various preparations. With an intuitive and user-friendly layout, this page has everything you need for efficient and enjoyable cooking.

Sous vide mode

If you want to cook sous vide, you can easily activate the “Sous vide mode” on our device. In sous vide mode, you can enter the temperature and time, as well as turn on a range of recommended temperatures for sous vide. It works just as efficiently as a traditional sous vide vessel.

Monitor your power consumption

You can monitor your energy consumption while cooking in the app, and we’ve linked in current net electricity prices. This means you can see how much energy you use to cook and how much it costs.

Recipe page: Inspiration for temperature-controlled cooking

On the recipe page you’ll find tried and tested recipes with ingredients, methods and temperature instructions.

Ztove offers a universe of recipes and preparations tailored to temperature-controlled cooking. Many of the recipes use advanced cooking techniques that are not easily accessible with a conventional cooktop, such as sous vide, controlled tempering of frying oil, baking and rising bread on a pan and alloys with eggs. Recipes may also include programs.


From the app, you can automate your cooking with programs. You can easily boil eggs using the egg cooker recipe, cook rice with the built-in rice cooker program or make buttery popcorn with just one click. We’re always developing new programs to make your life easier.

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Menu page: Easy navigation

Get quick access to all features of the app using the menu located in the bottom left corner. Create personal profiles for everyone in your household and create your own programmes and recipes. Keep track of your devices and get quick help from support if needed.

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