Bøf med god stegeskorpe anrettet på et skærebræt

Slow Cooked Ribeye Steak in a Pan


Can you cook sous vide without water? Yes, why not?

This steak is slow cooked in the pan at only 58 ºC, like the sous vide method, but without the water and vacuum machine. When cooking sous vide, it’s the temperature that is key to the end result. With Ztove you can control the temperature +/-1°C, which is what is required to cook sous vide.

Normally when cooking sous vide you need plastic bags, a vacuum machine and water bath. But with Ztove you can do it directly in your pan – without any water. Read along and see how.


Slow Cooked Ribeye Steak

2 pcs. Ribeye

2 tsp. Salt

Oil for frying


Slow Cooked the Steaks in the pan

Salt the steaks and place them in the pan. Set the temperature to 58 ºC and add the lid.

Cook the steaks for 2 hours. Turn the steaks after the first hour.

Sear the steaks

Remove the steaks from the pan.

Then increase the temperature to 220 °C and add a bit of oil.

Dry the steaks to remove any liquid. This will help the steaks to brown.

Sear the steaks for 1 minute on each side. If necessary, gently press the meat so the entire surface is touching the pan.