Ztove Cookware

Ztove Cookware connects with the Ztove Cooktop giving you precise temperature control. Save 25% on all cookware when purchasing more than two.

Ztove Pot – 1,5 L
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Ztove Pot – 3L
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Ztove Pot – 5 L
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Ztove Pan – 24 cm
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Ztove Pan – 28 cm
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Ztove Stainless Steel Pan – 28 cm
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About Ztove Cookware

Questions about pots and pans

Can I use the Ztove cookware on a normal cooktop?

Ztove pans and pots work on all induction cooktops. If your cooktop is not upgraded with Ztove technology, it will not be possible to control the temperature through the app. Therefore Ztove Cookware is not intended to be used with a normal cooktop.

Although you cannot control the temperature, you can monitor the temperature in the app and adjust the heat continuously by adjusting the general power settings on the cooktop. This process allows you to use the app as a thermometer for your cookware.

This is currently a beta feature.

Can Ztove cookware be put in the fridge/freezer?

Our cookware can be placed both in the refrigerator and in the freezer.

Can Ztove's cookware go in the dishwasher?

Our cookware cannot go in the dishwasher as there is a risk that it will damage the battery and electronics.

Can Ztove's cookware go in the oven?

Our cookware is not oven safe as the electronics in the handle cannot withstand high temperatures.

How long does the non-stick last?

Ztove’s non-stick pans last for much longer than normal non-stick pans.

The non-stick coating has a reputation for breaking easily. This problem is often due to overheating of the pans.

If your non-stick pan gets above 275 °C, you risk breaking the coating and, worst case releasing unwanted fluorides into your food.

With the Ztove system, we have a maximum temperature of 250 °C. Therefore overheating is not a problem, as long as it is used with a Ztove cooktop. As a result of this our pans last significantly longer.

We have only seen non-stick pans break using metal utensils and other materials that can scrape off the coating.

Can Ztove replace my sous vide?

Yes. You can make sous vide with a vacuum and plastic.

You can also make it without plastic. We have tested both and experienced just as good results. You can find recipes and inspiration for both approaches in the app.

Can Ztove replace a deep fryer?

Yes, it can. You can keep the oil at the desired temperature, so you do not burn anything, but you do not get “soggy” results either.

Ztove also provides higher output than the average deep fryer. So Ztove actually holds the temperature better when food (especially frozen food) is lowered into the pot.

In the app, you can find several different deep-frying recipes.