Popcorn Machine


This is the easy way to pop popcorn, almost like having a popcorn machine. The program does most of the work.

Normally you can’t fry popcorn in butter. Either you have to clarify the butter first or pour melted butter over the finished popcorn.

In this recipe, we control the temperature so the corn kernels pop without the butter burning. If you prefer you can use oil instead.


Buttered Popcorn

1 dl Popcorn corn

20 gram Butter

1 tsp. Salt


Pop the kernels

Add all the ingredients to a saucepan. Put the lid on and start the program.

If you want to do it manually, then this is the steps the program runs:
140 °C for 2 minutes (melts the butter).
165 °C for 1 minute (heats the corn).
220 °C for 2 minutes (pops the corn).

Transfer the finished popcorn to a bowl and serve.


The corn kernels pop when they are heated to about 180 °C.

To get as many popped popcorns as possible, the corn kernels need to be heated to a temperature just below 180 ºC. Until all the kernels are heated, so they are just on the verge of popping.

The next step is to increase the heat to over 180 ºC to make sure the kernels pop. That’s why this recipe operates with different temperatures.

There may be a little bit of dark butter residue on the popcorn, but in our experience, you can’t taste it. So, it’s not burnt just very dark. You can avoid this by substituting butter for oil.