Indian Dahl


Dahl is an Indian dish based on lentils. It’s vegetarian, budget-friendly and packed with flavour from a variety of spices. So don’t be fooled by its perhaps slightly bland appearance, it’s got flavour! The Dahl is made with red lentils and they don’t need to soak before cooking, as many other legumes have to.

Serve the dish with raita, a cold yoghurt dressing that can be made in a variety of ways. However you make it, it’s a great accompaniment to the warm and slightly spicy dahl. Our version of raita is with cucumber and fresh coriander.

You can serve the dahl as is or with rice, flatbread or a fresh salad.



2 pcs. Onion

4 pcs. Garlic cloves

30 gram Fresh ginger

300 gram Red lentils , dried

3 tbsp. Oil, for frying

1 tsp. Ground cumin

1 tsp. Ground coriander

0.5-1 tsp. Chili powder , adjust to preference or omit completely

2 tsp. Garam masala

1 tsp. Ground turmeric

1 pcs. Canned chopped tomatoes (400 g)

1 pcs. Canned coconut milk (400 ml)

4 dl Vegetable stock

1-2 tsp. Lime juice , adjust to taste

1 tsp. Sugar

Salt to taste

Cucumber Raita

0.5 pcs. Cucumber

2 tbsp. Fresh coriander , finely chopped

200 gram Greek yoghurt 2-10%

0.5 tsp. Ground cumin

0.5 tsp. Lime juice

0.5 tsp. Sugar

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Prepare the vegetables

Peel the onions and chop into small dices. Peel the garlic and ginger and grate finely.

Rinse the lentils thoroughly using a fine sieve.

Prepare the dahl

Heat a pot to 150 ºC and add the oil.

Then add onions, garlic and ginger and fry until the onions are translucent.

Add cumin, coriander, chilli powder, garam masala and turmeric and allow the spices to sauté briefly for about 30 seconds. It can be a good idea to mix all the spices in a small bowl beforehand, so they can be added all at once.

Add the rinsed lentils to the pan, then add the canned tomatoes, coconut milk and vegetable stock. Reduce the heat to 102 ºC and cover with a lid. Simmer for 20 minutes with the lid on, stirring a few times.

Remove the lid and cook for a further 30 minutes or so, stirring occasionally. When the lentils have softened and the dahl has thickened to a porridge-like consistency, it’s ready.

While the dahl is simmering, you can prepare the raita.

Cucumber raita

Rinse the cucumber and cut it lengthwise. Use a spoon to scrape out the seeds. Cut the cucumber into thin strips and then into small dices.

Rinse the fresh coriander, chop finely and measure out 2 tbsp. Combine cucumber, coriander, greek yoghurt, ground cumin, lime juice, sugar, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix well.

Refrigerate until serving.

To serve

Season the dahl with lime juice, sugar and salt.

If the dahl is a little too thin, let it simmer a little longer, and if it’s too thick, add a little water until the consistency is to your liking.

Plate your dahl in bowls or deep dishes topped with a bit of raita. You can serve the dish with rice or bread, whichever you prefer. Also, try to serve it with homemade flat bread, find the recipe via the link.