Two bowls of rice pudding, topped with cinnamon sugar and a dollop of butter.

Danish Rice Pudding


This is a recipe for Danish rice pudding, however it is more like a porridge than an actual pudding as it is not sweetened. It is usually eaten topped with a knob of butter and cinnamon sugar.

Ztove is great for making rice pudding. The temperature control prevents the bottom from burning, and you won’t need to constantly be stirring. Only in the beginning.

The rice in the recipe is stated in a range of 130-200 g. If you use 130 g, you will get a more liquid porridge that will spread in the bowl. If you use 175 g, you will get a medium-firm consistency, where the porridge holds its shape a little, but still smoothes out in the bowl. If you use 200 g, you get a firm porridge that holds its shape.

The more rice you use, the sooner the porridge will be ready (already after around1½ hours), as there is more rice to absorb the milk and release starch.


Danish Rice Pudding

130-200 gram Short grain white rice (1.3-2 dl)

1 l Whole milk

1 tsp. Salt

To serve

1 dl Sugar

1 tbsp. Cinnamon



Bring the pudding to a boil

Combine rice, milk and salt in a saucepan. Set the heat to 115ºC and bring the dish to a boil, stirring constantly. You can choose a higher temperature as long as you stay below 145°C, so the milk won’t burn. 115°C is a good compromise, since the rice quickly comes to a boil and it doesn’t boil over as fast.

Cook the pudding

When the milk boils, lower the temperature to 100 °C. Let the porridge simmer for 2 hours. Stir about every ½ hour.Note: the more frequently you stir the pudding, the faster it cooks.The bottom of the pan is at 100 °C, but the pudding will be a few degrees lower and therefore won’t boil. This way the pudding cooks, but without the risk of it boiling over.

Cinnamon sugar

Mix sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl.

To serve

Serve the pudding with cinnamon sugar and a knob of butter.