Franskbrød med jordbærsyltetøj.

Strawberry Jam


Try our delicious recipe for homemade strawberry jam.

Normally you make jam with equal parts sugar and berries, as sugar helps preserve the jam. In this recipe, we use twice as many berries as sugar. This gives the jam a richer and less sweet taste. Unfortunately, this change also reduces the shelf life. So store the jam in the fridge and eat it quickly – but that shouldn’t be a problem!


Strawberry Jam

500 gram Fresh strawberries

250 gram Sugar

1 pcs. Lemon (the juice of 1 lemon)


Prepare the strawberries

Remove the stalk and rinse the strawberries.Chop the strawberries or add them to the pot and mash them with a fork.

Cook the jam

Heat the pot to 115 °C. When the strawberries have released liquid, then add the sugar.Cook for around 4 minutes until the liquid thickens.Add the juice of one lemon and turn off the heat.Pour the jam into a small bowl or jar. Store in the refrigerator.