Roasted Nuts


By roasting nuts, you really bring out the flavour in them.

With a normal pan you must be very careful, as nuts burn easily. With Ztove this is no longer a concern. Just set the temperature and roast the nuts at your leisure.

Roasted nuts are delicious in salads, as a snack, sprinkled on yoghurt for breakfast and so much more.


Roasted nuts

50 gram Almonds without skin

50 gram Cashew nuts

50 gram Walnuts

50 gram Hazelnut


Roast the nuts

Heat the pan to 150 °C. Add the nuts and toast for 10-15 minutes until they have the desired colour. Stir occasionally.

If you like, you can sprinkle the nuts with fine salt when they are done.


Use your favorite mix of nuts. You can also use almonds with skin if that’s what you have on hand.