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What is Ztove?

Ztove is a Danish company from Odense, where we sell induction cooktops, pots and frying pans where you can control the temperature in the bottom of your cookware. We are the first company to succeed in doing so with high quality in precision and user friendliness. The induction cooktop has built in technology which connects to Ztove pots and frying pans.

When you set the temperature through the Ztove app, the induction cooktop receives messages from the cookware about its current- and target temperature and applies the amount of energy needed to first obtain the temperature and afterwards maintain the temperature. Our technology has the ability to do so with a precision of ± 1 °C.

This technology is completely new in cooktops but you have temperature control in many of your household appliances. Your fridge, freezer and oven are just some examples, so why not your cooktop?

The concept behind Ztove is to bring modern technology into the kitchen to make cooking a more precise and enjoyable process, offering functionalities such as consistent temperature maintenance, recipe guidance, and energy-saving benefits.

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Meet Peter

Peter invented and founded Ztove back in 2016 with an idea of making the perfect pancake for his son. The first pancake is never quite right because the temperature of the frying pan is too low. The last pancake is usually finished in no time and can easily be burnt because the frying pan has gained a really high temperature. There had to be a way to fix this.

Designed and developed by professional chefs and engineers

Having studied robotic engineering he and a couple of others produced a demo frying pan in which the temperature could be seen through an app. Then came the connection to the cooktop and the product was a reality.

Then began the research on how to construct the perfect pans and pots of high quality materials. While consulting with chefs the edges of the pan were made tall as to get the ability to “flip” your fod easily. The edges are shaped as not to spill liquids when pouring. The aluminum layer in between steel layers is three times as thick as it would be on normal pans to evenly and quickly distribute heat throughout the entire surface. The same effort has gone into the pots which are made of high quality stainless steel.

Listen to his story here.

Who are Ztove?

We are a team of engineers, software developers, and culinary experts based in Odense in Denmark, working to create the future of cooking. We aim to create value in every decision we make while growing the company and attempting to make Ztove and temperature control a standard in all kitchens.

Ztove staff