Candied Almonds


Candied almonds are a classic candy to make in the winter – a stable at many Christmas Markets.

Luckily, with temperature control, it’s easy to make at home, so you can have this delicious treat all year round.


Candied Almonds

200 gram Almonds, whole

200 gram Sugar

0.75 dl Water (75 ml)


Make the almonds

Add all the ingredients to a pan and cook at 210 °C.

Stage 1 - boil the syrup

There are 3 stages in making candied almonds.

First step is to make a syrup with all the ingredients.

Phase 2 - boil away the water

Once you have made your syrup and it is boiling, you need to continue boiling until all the water is gone and the sugar crystalized. At the same time the almonds are being cooked, so they get a nice nutty roasted flavour.

Phase 3 - caramelization

When the water has completely cooked away and only sugar remains, the next step is to melt and caramelize the sugar. And then cover the almonds with the melted sugar.

It is important to stir constantly, otherwise the sugar will melt and settle on the pan instead of coating the almonds. So stir constantly until the almonds are caramelized and delicious.

Pour the almonds onto a piece of parchment paper and leave them to cool.


The recipe requires that you stir sugar around the bottom of your pan. This can cause scratching of the coating. Press as little into the bottom of the pan, when stirring the almonds, and it can be done without much cosmetic damage.

If you have a Ztove steel pan, you can use that instead.