Raspberry Jam


Usually, raspberry jam is made with equal parts sugar and berries, as the sugar helps to preserve the jam.

In this recipe we have done the opposite, using only half as much sugar as berries. When using more berries than sugar, you get a much more flavorful jam. The lower temperature also preserves the flavor better than if the jam were left to boil. But as there is less sugar and the jam is not boiled, the shelf life is reduced. Therefor refrigerate the jam and eat it quickly – but that shouldn’t be a problem!


Rasberry jam

400 gram Raspberry, raw

200 gram Sugar

0.5 pcs. Lemon juice (the juice of half a lemon)


Make the jam

Turn the heat on to 85 °C.Add raspberries, sugar, and lemon to a saucepan. Add the lid, and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally until it is runny, and the sugar has dissolved.

Store the jam

Pour the jam into jars and place in the fridge. The jam will not keep at room temperature.Alternatively, put the jam in freezer-safe containers and store in the freezer.


This recipe can be used for almost all kinds of jams, just use 2 parts berries to 1 part sugar, and add lemon juice to taste.