Cooking with Ztove

It’s easy to cook with Ztove. Get started in minutes with this guide.

Reading time: 1-2 min.

How to Boil with Ztove

Set the temperature to 120 °C when you need to bring water to a boil. 1.5 L of water boils in just 40 seconds.

Then set the temperature to 103 °C and boil potatoes, pasta, or rice without it boiling over.



How to Fry with Ztove

The Ztove hob automatically turns up the heat when you put cold food in the pan, and turns down again when the temperature you have selected is reached.

Your pan therefore maintains the same temperature throughout the cooking process, so you get exactly the result you want – every time.


Cook with the recipes you’re used to

You know ‘medium heat’ or ‘high heat’ from the recipes you use today. Use the temperatures mentioned above to get the same result you’re used to – just easier.

Also find 150+ recipes with temperature indications in the free Ztove app.

Use your old pots and pans

You don’t need to replace all your pots and pans. Use your old induction pots and pans as usual with 1-9 and boost. Just remember to keep an eye out


Try new techniques

When you know the temperature, a world of new possibilities opens up. See a selection of them below.