Save 38% Energy with Automatic Cooking Program

Temperature control can make cooking more energy-efficient. Here, we compare our potato-program with a traditional method for cooking.

Who doesn’t want to save energy?

When cooking potatoes with Ztove’s automatic program, you save 38% energy compared to the classic way of boiling potatoes – without any extra steps or hassle.

How Ztove’s automatic program works

Ztove’s program can be started with a single click, after which the potatoes are brought to a boil just before the water begins to bubble. This saves the electricity normally used to convert water into steam. At the same time, the program ensures that the temperature is maintained precisely at a point where the potatoes won’t boil over. The program automatically turns off the heat, utilising residual heat without requiring any extra effort from the cook.

With Ztove’s program, cooking potatoes becomes a simple and energy-efficient process.

Boiled potatoes with and without Ztove

We have tested the following two methods against each other:

The Classic Method: Potatoes cooked with the lid askew for 30 minutes.

Ztove’s Automatic Program: Potatoes cooked with a tight-fitting lid for 20 minutes and left on residual heat for 10 minutes.


By using Ztove’s program, you only use 0.279 kWh compared to 0.455 kWh with the classic method. If you use Ztove’s program, you can reduce energy consumption by 38% when boiling potatoes compared to the traditional method.

The graph shows that with the classic method of boiling potatoes you use 0.455 kWh, compared to Ztove's automatic programme where you use 0.279 kWh

Differences between the two methods

Ztove precisely regulates the temperature, allowing you to boil the potatoes with a lid without the risk of boiling over. With the traditional method, you have to place the lid at an angle to avoid boiling over as there is no control over the temperature. This results in increased energy consumption. Alternatively, one has to constantly adjust the lid, requiring constant attention towards the potatoes.

Ztove’s automatic potato-program is activated with a click and controls the entire process, automatically stopping the supply of energy after 20 minutes. This means that the remaining cooking is done using residual heat, without any intervention from the cook. Ztove makes it easier to save energy without adding extra steps or hassle.

You could argue that we are comparing potatoes cooked using the two most well known energy saving methods – potatoes boiled with the lid on and utilising residual heat – with potatoes cooked traditionally. And yes, to some extent, we are, but do you actually use these methods yourself?

If you boil potatoes with a tight-fitting lid on a traditional cooktop, it will require constant adjustments to the heat and lid to avoid boiling over. Ztove makes it easier for everyone to utilise energy-saving methods without any extra effort from the user, thereby helping to save energy. You can see the difference between doing it yourself and using Ztove in the video below.

The pot with the Ztove program is to the left and the pot cooking the traditionel way is to the right.