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To use our system to its fullest potential, you want a Ztove cooktop and Ztove pots & pans. Find the right combination for you.

Choose your cooktop

Using our cooktop selector, you can easily find the cooktop that suits your kitchen.

You can choose to have your cooktop installed by us, or if you want to use your own fitter.

When you buy a Ztove Cooktop you get 2 pieces of cookware for free.

Choose your cookware

With our mix & match solution, you can choose the combination that suits you best.

If you order a cooktop from Ztove, you can choose two pcs. of cookware for free.

Check out the selection here.

Upgrade your current cooktop

At Ztove, we believe in a circular economy. We do not want you to throw out a cooktop just because you want Ztove at home. We see a great opportunity in extending the life of products that have already been produced.

On selected models, you can upgrade your cooktop, so you can benefit from Ztove without having to change the cooktops.

Find accessories

We have a selection of cookware and cookbooks specifically for Ztove.

See the selection here.

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Do you have any questions or ideas about Ztove?

We are online every day between 9 am-9 pm. We typically respond within minutes on our chat (find it in the corner of our website) and on our phone at + 45 78 707 707.

If you prefer e-mail, contact us via [email protected] or the contact formula on this page.

You can also visit us at our innovation lab at Landbrugsvej 10, 5000 Odense, Denmark.