When you are having your cooktop installed, you can either choose to do it yourself or have us do it for you. Read more here.

Guide to installation

Are you building a new kitchen or does your cooktop just need to be replaced? Read our installation guide, to see what options you have for installing a cooktop in your countertop, and what you need to be aware of. Here’s a quick overview.

Cutting into the countertop

Induction and ceramic cooktops can be installed in several ways. When it comes to installing your Ztove cooktop, there are two different ways it can be done:


The first way you can install your cooktop is by recessing it. This is the easiest and most common way to install a cooktop.

To recess your cooktop, you need to make a hole in the countertop, following the instructions that come with the cooktop. After the cooktop is placed in the cutout it needs to be secured with brackets, screws or springs, following the instructions. When you choose the recess method the edges of the cooktop rests on the edges of the cutout in the countertop.

Planar gluing

Instead of recessing the cooktop into the countertop, you can choose to plan glue it. With this method a hole is still made in the countertop, but the cooktop is fitted so that it is perfectly level with the table.

Plan gluing requires that your worktop is not too thin, for it to work. Also not all cooktops can be used for plan gluing. If you want to use this method, please make sure to check that your cooktop is suitable, before you make the cutout in your countertop.

Safety advice

Do not install the cooktop above a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine or dryer.

Make sure that the wiring to the cooktop cannot be touched after it has been installed.

The wiring must not come into contact with drawers or other mobile kitchen elements after installation. The cooktop must not be subjected to mechanical stress.

Make sure you observe the safety distances specified in the user manual supplied with your cooktop.

The correct electrical installation

The electrical supply data is shown on the type plate. This information must correspond to the power conditions at the installation site.

The connection options are shown in the connection diagram.

The cooktop must be able to be disconnected at the group switch. When switched off, there must be a contact distance of minimum 3 mm. Switches are overcurrent protection and HPFI relays.

Cooktops from Ztove require a normal electrical installation with 2 phases 230V and 16A (the electrical installation from your old cooktop is usually suitable).

Do you want us to install your new cooktop?

Have your new Ztove cooktop installed on the day that suits you best. That way you can quickly get to the fun part of cooking juicy, tender steaks with perfect frying crust, crispy bacon for creamy Spaghetti Carbonara or Focaccia bread that both rises and bakes in the pan.

The fitter will call you and arrange a date and time for the installation. If you wish, the fitter will even take the box and your old cooktop* with him/her when he/she leaves.


Before the fitter arrives, make sure he/she has access to install the new cooktop. You can read more about preparations for the installation here.

Disposing of your old cooktop

Our fitter will be happy to take your old cooktop* with him/her, provided this has been agreed upon in advance. In order for the fitter to dispose of the product, it must be disassembled and ready for pickup, unless otherwise agreed.

*Please note that the fitter does not dispose of whole stoves or gas cooktops.