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The Ztove 60 hob

Our most compact induction hob. For those who want more counter space or have a smaller kitchen.

The hob has one large and one smaller zone on each side. The positioning of the zones makes it possible to have four pots/pans going at the same time.

When using regular pots and pans, the hob works as a regular induction hob.

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Induction with Ztove S4-Chip



Exterior dimensions, W*D*H, mm


Cutout dimensions, W*D*H, mm


Can be flush-mounted


Connected load and voltage

7400 W and 230v - 400v



All details about ‘Ztove 60’

In this text we cover:

  • Use of pans and pots on the hob
  • Features on the hob
  • Hob design
  • What you receive when ordering a hob

If you don’t get answers to your questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or phone (+45 78 707 707) every day from 9-17.

Use of pans and pots on the hob

Ztove pans and pots

When you place a Ztove pot or pan on a cooking zone and turn on the zone, it will automatically connect. The light in the handle will blink green, confirming that it is connected. The pot or pan will also automatically appear in the app, where you can set the temperature.

All Ztove pans and pots have a default temperature set, which is the temperature the cookware will automatically set to when you turn on the hob and haven’t started the app.

  • Pans are set to 175 ºC
  • Pots are set to 150 ºC

You can customize default temperatures for each of your cookware according to your preferences inside the Ztove app. See how in the user manual.

There are 6 variants of Ztove pans and pots. See them all below

See Ztove pans and pots


Regular induction pans and pots

When you place regular induction pans or pots on the hob, it will function as a standard induction hob, where you can control the power from 1-9.

Using temperature control in the app

In the app, you can control the temperature from 0-250 ºC. In the app, you can find 100+ recipes with temperature indications, but also programs where the temperature is controlled completely automatically, such as a potato cooker or a rice cooker.

Read all about the Ztove app


Features on the hob

Boost function

The boost function (P) is available on all zones and is activated by pressing 9 twice. Then the pan or pot is heated as quickly as possible to the set temperature.


Set a timer directly on the hob. When using the app, you also have the option to set a timer that automatically turns off the zone when the time is up.

Child lock

Activate the child lock to lock the power settings. The temperature can still be changed in the app.

Keep warm function

Press the ‘keep warm’ button and your food stays warm at a low temperature. When using Ztove cookware, the food is kept warm at exactly 70 °C.

Pause function

Activate the pause function and pause cooking when using the stove without Ztove function. When you activate the pause function, heat supply to your pans and pots stops. When you deactivate the pause function, cooking continues at the power levels set before the interruption.

Hob design

Control panel

The control panel is designed to be compact, providing more space for the zones and the pots and pans you are using.

The control panel is completely black when the hob is off. When the hob is on, the control panel lights up with red LEDs.

The control panel is operated via touch control.

Zone layout

Ztove 60 has four zones:

  • Two with a diameter of 160 mm
  • Two with a diameter of 200 mm

This provides optimal use of space on a smaller hob. The two small zones are at 1400 W, but when using the boost function they go up to 2100 W. The two large zones are at 2300 W, and go up to 3000 W when the boost function is used.

Mounting in countertop

The hob can be both recessed and flush-mounted in the countertop, as it has straight edges.

What you receive when you order a hob

The package includes:

  • A ‘Ztove 60 induction hob
  • A Ztove 24 cm pan and a 3 L pot
  • A sealing strip of foam
  • An installation cable of 50 cm for mounting
  • A user manual for installation and ordinary use of the hob
  • A user manual for how to use the Ztove functions

The packaging materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and should be sorted for recycling according to your municipality’s guidelines.

How to Determine if Your Countertop Fits Ztove

Remove your hob from the countertop. If your hob is not flush-mounted or sealed, you can remove the drawers under your hob and tilt the hob up from below by hand.

You can also take something flat and wedge it under the edge and tilt up. Then you can measure the hole and compare it with the hole dimensions for ‘Ztove 60.’

If you cannot remove your hob because it is flush-mounted or sealed, you can try to find out what hole dimensions your current hob requires and compare it with the hole dimensions for ‘Ztove 60.’

This can, for example, be done by finding the model number on your hob and searching for “[Brand] + [Model Number] + “Manual” on Google.

Acceptable hole dimensions for Ztove 60 are: 560-570 x 490-500 mm.

The hob is 49 mm deep. Make sure to check if there is enough space under the countertop, or if the countertop is thick enough, so the hob does not hit a drawer or cabinet.

Carving out Your Countertop

If your dimensions do not fit the hob, you need to get a carpenter to cut it.

Download the Installation Guide for Your Kitchen Supplier

Below you will find installation guides that you can download. If you are making a kitchen, you can simply download the file and send it to your kitchen supplier, and they will make the countertop to fit the hob. Your kitchen supplier is also welcome to contact us. Together, we can ensure that you get the right solution for your kitchen.

Download Guide (PDF)

Free shipping to all of Europe within 3-5 business days

When you order your Ztove hob, you can choose to have your hob delivered as soon as possible, which is within 3-5 business days, or you can choose a date in the future. You can also choose to reserve it until you are ready. Simply contact us at least 5 business days before you need it.

We ship directly to your address

See Ztove pots and pans

You get a free 3L pot and 24 cm pan with the hob. Use your old induction pots and pans as usual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find answers to your questions, you can always contact us via chat, email, or +45 78 707 707. We respond promptly every day between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Can I use my normal cookware on the Ztove hob?

Yes, you can. When using induction pots and pans without a built-in temperature sensor, the hob works as normal. You control the heat from 1-9, and there’s also a boost function available.

However, you can neither see nor control the temperature with a precision of ±1 ºC when using cookware other than Ztove’s.

Can I use Ztove without the app?


You can use the function “Standard Temperature“.

Standard Temperature

All Ztove pots and pans have a standard temperature. If you start Ztove without using the app, the pan or pot will automatically reach the standard temperature, even without opening the app.

Our default settings are 175°C for pans and 150°C for pots, but you can choose your own.

The standard temperature ensures that you don’t have to worry about the temperature suddenly running wild.

I'm renovating my kitchen. How do I get Ztove?

If you’re renovating your kitchen, getting Ztove is very simple.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Choose the hob you prefer. If you haven’t cut a hole in the countertop yet, you can choose any of the three models.
  2. Download the “Installation Guide” under specifications on this page.
  3. Send the guide to the people you’re buying the kitchen from. They will now know exactly how to cut the kitchen so that Ztove fits.
  4. Order the hob on this website to your home.

Both you and your kitchen provider can always reach out to Ztove if you have any questions.

I want to replace my current hob with Ztove. How?

Many hobs have the same dimensions, so there’s a good chance that replacing Ztove with your current hob is simple.

Start by measuring how wide and deep your current hob is.

Compare your hob

If your hob is 580-600 mm wide and 520 mm deep, our Ztove 60 will fit.

If your hob is 780-800 mm wide and 520 mm deep, our Ztove 80 will fit.

If you want to be completely sure, take your hob out of the countertop and measure the hole. Compare it with the dimensions that fit our hobs. You can find this under specifications on the hob or here:


Ztove 60:

H*W*D, mm: 560 * 490 * 49

Ztove 80:

H*W*D, mm: 750-770 * 490 * 49

Ztove 80 with hood

H*W*D, mm: 754 * 494 * 254

If you know the model number of your hob, you can send it to us in the chat or over the phone, and we can check if Ztove fits.

If we don’t have a model that fits your kitchen, we may still be able to find a solution. Write or call Ztove.

Is it safe to order a hob online?

Yes, you can safely order your hob from Ztove here on the website.

You have a 100-day trial period, so if you’re not completely satisfied with the hob, we’ll pick it up from you free of charge.

We’re available on chat and phone every day of the week and are happy to help you choose the hob that fits your kitchen.

Room for Everything

Designed so you can use the entire hob

With two large and two smaller zones, diagonally offset, you get a hob that can accommodate 4 pots/pans at the same time.

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