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Ztove cookware is designed to provide the absolute best cooking experience and heat distribution.

Everything about our cookware

Precise temperature control of pots and pans is a completely new category of cookware that differs in many ways from other cookware on the market.

Here we will describe some of the design features that are unique and why the cookware is better and heats more evenly than most other cookware on the market.

Built in temperature sensors


indbygget temperatursensorAt the bottom of the cookware is an built in temperature sensor that communicates wirelessly with the cooktop. The temperature sensor continuously sends data to the cooktop and tells exactly what temperature the cookware is.

The bottom of the cookware is thicker than on normal cookware. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is to make room for the temperature sensor and the wire, and the second is to achieve better heat distribution.

Thick base provides a more even heat distribution

Ztove cookware vs. regular stainless steel

The base is made of a 3-layer sandwich construction of steel-aluminium-steel. Due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminium, a fast and even heat transfer from the induction coil of the hob to the entire bottom of the hob is achieved. This means you get 37% better heat distribution compared to regular stainless steel pots and pans.

The good heat distribution means you no longer have to worry about whether your food is in the middle or at the sides of the cooking surface while cooking.

Thin sides

Pots and pans are designed with thin sides that are not very heat conductive. This means that the heating is more concentrated at the bottom of your cookware and you therefore avoid heat loss up through the sides. This way you keep the heat where you need it and save energy at the same time with less heat waste.


Unique benefits of Ztove cookware

Non-stick coating lasts longer

At Ztove we have pans with non-stick coating. Non-stick pans are something that can be found in almost all homes. It is also a pan that often gets damaged during use.

One of the reasons Teflon coatings on pans break is that they cannot withstand temperatures above 260 ºC. Over time, the coating starts to loosen and break due to the high heat. This is not a problem when using Ztove.

Ztove cookware is designed so that the temperature cannot be set to more than 250 ºC if it is connected to a Ztove cooktop. Ordinary cooking rarely needs to go above 250 °C and the vast majority can be cooked at below 200 °C, where the wear and tear on the Teflon coating is minimal.

Therefore, they can last for much longer, provided you avoid mechanical abrasion by using metal utensils and rough dishwashing brushes.

Fire safety

The cookware is equipped with the feature that it cannot reach a temperature higher than 250 ºC as long as it is connected to the Ztove system. Therefore, there is no risk of oil fires as the temperature does not get out of control.

Drip-free pouring lips

All of our cookware features functional, drip-free pouring lips that makes it easy to pour from a cookware without dripping down the sides. Your cooktop won’t get dirty when you put the utensils back on the cooktop.

The functions of the handle

The handle of the cookware has several functions in addition to containing the electronics that communicate with the cooktop and control the temperature.

The most obvious function is a hook that can be used to hang the cookware, but there are a number of other thoughtful features in the handle.

Automatic on/off

To avoid an on/off button on your pans and pots, we built an accelerometer into the handle. An accelerometer is an electronic component that can detect when the cookware is moved.

When the cookware is put to use, it automatically wakes up from standby and is ready to connect to the cooktop. When in the kitchen drawer, it will go into sleep mode to extend battery life. With normal use, we expect the cookware to last approximately 1-2 years without changing the battery at about 1 hour of cooking daily.

Built-in LED to indicate the cookware’s condition

Ztove cookware handle meaning

There is a small LED built into the handle that tells you the state of the cookware.

  • No light: The cookware is in sleep mode and turned off.
  • Blue light: The cookware is on and ready to pair to the cooktop.
  • Green light: The cookware is connected to the cooktop.
  • Red light: Sign that the battery should be replaced.

Built-in battery cover and easily replaceable batteries

Under the handle is a battery cover. The cookware uses a standard CR2032 battery which can be easily replaced.

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