Four tips for saving energy with Ztove

Few people mind consuming less electricity. Here are four tips on how you can save even more energy using Ztove.

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Ztove saves energy

When you cook or fry with temperature control, you only use the energy needed to get the desired result. Nothing more. With Ztove, you have some extra options that allow you to save more energy than usual.

1. Use a lid

With temperature control, you can use lids without worrying about flooding.

When boiling vegetables, potatoes, pasta or rice, you should always have lids on your pots and pans. In fact, potatoes are best when brought to a boil and then finished at 95ºC.

2. Use cookware that fits the cooking zone

Use the size of the pot or pan that matches the cooking zone of your cooktop. Pots and pans smaller than the cooking zone will create excess heat and use more energy than necessary.

3. Detailed overview in the app

In the app, you can track exactly how much energy you consume. Ztove pots and pans have a 3-layer sandwich bottom with a 25% thicker aluminium layer, specially designed to retain heat and save energy.

4. Residual heat

You can save energy by switching off your cooktop a few minutes before you finish cooking. That way, you use the cooktop’s residual heat. Some of our app recipes even consider this use to help you save energy whenever possible.

Collaboration with the Institute of Technology

We are very curious about exactly how much energy Ztove saves you. That is why we have teamed up with the Institute of Technology in Copenhagen, where a team of researchers are comparing our products with ordinary cookware without temperature control.

We look forward to updating you with the results!

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