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Why did Ztove start?

Ztove has started because of pancakes. It sounds a little funny, and maybe it is. A nice Rasmus Klump story, about making the perfect pancakes. Every time. Peter wasn’t succeeding in making pancakes equally good every time for his 4-year-old son, so something had to be done.

With 20 years’ experience in developing robots, he wondered what the ideal solution to the problem might be. Could you could get the perfect temperature when cooking? With a background as a graduate engineer in computer technology from SDU, the development of the product began in 2015 in the Research Park in Odense.

Ztove comes on the market

In 2019, Ztove had the first products on the market and then started the mission that everyone should be able to cook perfect food every time.

“As an inventor, you think it must be obvious to anyone how ingenious an idea is, but that’s not the case. You encounter a lot of skepticism, and you can even begin to doubt your idea.”

We no longer doubt our product and have many satisfied users. We offer a 100-day satisfaction and price guarantee, and we still haven’t received any returns.

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Where is Ztove today?

Today we are 10-15 employees who work every day to create a unique experience when cooking. Creating value for our users is the absolutely essential basis for us to go to work. We supply both private and professional kitchens.

Read and see more below about what Ztove is and what you can achieve when you are a Ztove user.


Ztove’s vision is to help and develop cooking in the Danish kitchen and bring better taste and texture to traditional dishes. Through the technology of Ztove products, it is possible to prevent small accidents in the kitchen and eliminate uncertainty during. cooking. Including saving time, eliminating stress and encouraging new gastronomic experiences.
By offering people more surplus and relaxation around cooking, we hope people will be quicker to dive into new recipes and explore more varied food.


Visit our showroom

Visit us, in our Ztove Showroom in Odense , and experience what temperature control can do for your cooking.

Get personalized instructions on how to use Ztove. Hear about Ztove, get useful tips and advice on how to get the most out of your Ztove product.

Try Ztove and feel how e.g. the operation of your new hob is felt or the navigation in the app when the kitchen utensils are connected to your smartphone or tablet. We are only 4 minutes drive from the freeway, so write to us in the contact form and we will arrange a time.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ztove!

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