The difference between your cooktop and a Ztove cooktop

We have done an experiment with potatoes, comparing two pots, one with and one without Ztove.

Efficient potato boiling

Most cooktops are controlled via a step division from 1-9 or 1-14. Typically, recipes tell you to set the temperature of your pan or pot to a low, medium or high heat.

With a Ztove cooktop, you know exactly what temperature to use when cooking. That way, no more switching up and down between the different levels, no lifting your pan off the cooktop to lower the temperature and no more taking the lid on and off to make sure it doesn’t boil over.

The potato experiment

We have done an experiment where we cook potatoes in two pots. One with temperature control and one without. The results are unmistakable – cooking potatoes with Ztove is just easier. You can see why in the video here:

You can find the recipe we used by searching for “Boiled potatoes with one click” in the app or here on the website.

What do our users say about Ztove?

Our wonderful customers frequently share their experiences with temperature control and Ztove. You can join the Ztove Club right here, or read what our customers say about us on Trustpilot below.