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    Easy installation

    Many people think it’s difficult to install or change to a new cooktop. In fact, it’s often no more difficult than hanging a lamp. Here are some frequently asked questions about installing and fitting a cooktop.

    Can I install my cooktop myself?

    Yes, you can. It’s not as difficult as you might think. We’ve created a guide on how you can do it.

    You can read our guide to fitting, which takes you through the process.

    Read the guide here.

    How do I know which cooktop is right for my countertop?

    The process depends on whether you’re getting a new kitchen, a new countertop, or replacing your existing cooktop.

    New countertop/New kitchen

    Here it is essential to consider the size of your kitchen. Always make sure you make an outline that fits the outside dimensions and see if it fits in your kitchen. They are in the specifications under the product. Once you have worked out which cooktop you would like, download the specifications and send them to your kitchen retailer.

    If you want to cut the countertop yourself, make sure you check the hole dimensions in the same place and then cut it out to the right dimensions.
    Remember that it’s usually easier to make the hole bigger than it is to make it smaller again.

    New cooktop

    If you need to replace your existing cooktop without changing the countertop, the easiest way is to find the hole dimensions of your existing cooktop and match it with one of our models.

    Cooktops often have standard dimensions, so there’s a good chance the hole in your countertop will match one of our models. You can often find the model number on your invoice. If you’ve found your model number, feel free to send us your model number in live chat or by email and we can help you choose the right cooktop.

    What do I do if my hole dimensions do not fit the cooktop?

    If your hole dimensions don’t fit, there are a few ways to fix it. Be aware that it is difficult to make the hole smaller again, so be deliberate when choosing your cooktop size.

    Do it yourself

    For wooden countertops, you can often cut the hole larger yourself with a jigsaw if required. You may have a friend who is a carpenter or handyman who can lend a hand.

    Hire a professional

    If you have a difficult countertop to cut, we recommend hiring a professional to cut it out. Granite, marble, etc. in particular can be difficult to work with.

    What is the difference between planning and recessed cooktops?

    Recessing is the easiest and most commonly used method of installing a cooktop.

    To lower your cooktop, make a hole in the countertop following the instructions that come with the cooktop. It then often needs to be secured with brackets, screws or springs, following the instructions. The hob rests on top of the worktop around the hole when folded down.


    Instead of recessing the cooktop into the countertop, you can plan it. A hole is still made in the countertop, but the cooktop is mounted so that it is completely level with the table. Professional help is needed to level your cooktop, and it requires a cooktop with a straight edge.

    What do I do once I have installed the cooktop?

    Once the cooktop is in your countertop you need to connect to Ztove. Here is a guide to just that

    • Turn on the fuse and make sure there is power supply to the hob and that it can switch on.
    • Find your Ztove app and go into the menu on the left
    • Tap on “Devices” and scan for devices
    • Select your cooktop and let it update to the latest software update. Stay on this page while you update
    • Get out your new cookware and start cooking with temperature control.

    100-day trial period

    We trust the quality of our products and we want you to have a good experience using them.

    If you decide within 100 days that the Ztove system isn’t for you, you can choose to get a full refund – no questions asked. We will come to you and uninstall the system at no extra cost.

    Learn more about our trial period down below.

    Five-year warranty

    We trust the quality of our products, as we assemble all of our products ourselves here in Denmark.
    That is why we have no problem offering a 5-year warranty on all our products. Should any errors or defects occur, we will repair or replace the products free of charge for five years from the time of purchase.

    Learn more about our warranty down below.

    Delivery and installation

    We want you to receive your new cooktop as soon as possible. Therefore we aim to ship all products within 1-2 working days.

    You can choose just to get your cooktop delivered, but you can also opt to add installation. In this case we make sure everything is installed correctly and works perfectly before leaving.

    Learn more about installation down below.