Sushi Rice


The main ingredient in sushi is rice, therefore it is important that it is cooked perfectly.

When cooking rice for sushi, you add flavour to the rice by adding a marinade while the rice is still hot.

Use the rice for homemade sushi or poké bowls.



4 tbsp. Japanese Rice Vinegar

2 tbsp. Sugar

0.5 tsp. Salt


3 dl Sushi rice

3.5 dl Water


Make the marinade
Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan. Set the temperature to 95 ºC. Heat the marinade until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into a bowl.
Cook the rice
Rinse the sushi rice thoroughly until the water runs clear. They need to be rinsed several times, it usually takes around 5 minutes. Leave the rice to soak for 30-40 minutes to absorb water and soften the rice. The rice is ready when you can crush a grain between two fingernails. Drain the rice. Add the rice and the amount of water indicated in the ingredients list to the pot. Start the programme.
Mix the marinade with the rice
Transfer the cooked rice to a shallow dish, to allow the steam to leave the rice. Add the marinade and mix to combine. Allow the rice to cool. Stir occasionally.