Roasted Pine Nuts


Roasted pine nuts are a delicious addition to dishes such as quiches, pasta dishes, salads and desserts.

When you roast pine nuts, the flavour changes, giving them a deeper nutty taste. They also become crunchier and therefore add extra texture to your dish.


Roasted Pine Nuts

2 dl Pine nuts (approx. 100 gram)


Roast the Pine Nuts

Spread the pine nuts evenly over the bottom of a frying pan.

Start the program. Shake the pan once in a while.

First, the program heats the pan to 140 ºC and roasts the pine nuts at that temperature. Then the temperature is increased to 215 ºC, where the pine nuts are roasted until done.

The pine nuts are ready when they are light brown and smell deliciously of roasted nuts.

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