Pork Cheeks Sous Vide

Pork Cheeks Sous Vide


Tender and delicious pork cheeks cooked sous vide – with Ztove you can use your pot as a sous vide container, so take advantage of it and try this recipe.

Pork cheeks are a delicious cut of meat, but they require a prolonged cooking time to turn out really well, which makes sous vide a great way to cook them.


Pork Cheeks Sous Vide

500 gram Pork cheeks e.g. Iberico



1 tbsp. Butter

1 tbsp. Oil

1 dl Port wine syrup


Brown the meat
Trim the pork cheeks by removing the worst of the sinew and fat with a sharp knife. Sprinkle both sides of the meat with salt and pepper.Heat a frying pan to 210ºC. Add butter and oil.Brown the meat on both sides.
Prepare the meat sous vide
Place the meat in a vacuum bag and seal the bag.Place a small grate or some teaspoons in the bottom of your pot (this will help the water to circulate around the meat). Pour water into the pot, select sous vide mode and set the temperature to 60ºC. Place the vacuum-packed pork cheeks in the water bath and leave them to cook for 48 hours.
Glaze the meat
Remove the meat from the water bath.Open the bag and pat the meat dry with paper towels or a clean tea towel. It is important that they are dried well to prevent them from boiling in the pan.Set the temperature of the pan to 130ºC. Pour in the port wine syrup (go directly to the recipe for port wine syrup by clicking on the linked recipe). If you don't have port wine syrup, you can instead simmer some wine or alcohol of choice with sugar for around 20 minutes before adding the meat to the pan.Add the meat to the pan and turn it in the syrup. Let it warm through and allow the syrup to caramelise so that it sticks to the meat. The meat is already cooked, so you just need to heat it up to make the syrup coat them. Remove the glazed pork cheeks from the pan and serve.


This recipe has such a long cooking time, so consider making a large portion. Place the meat in separate bags of 500 g and freeze the extra portions as soon as they have been cooked sous vide.