Poached Pointed Cabbage with Sauce Beurre Monté

Poached Pointed Cabbage with Sauce Beurre Monté


Pointy cabbage is one of the tastiest Cabbages there is. Mild, without too strong of a cabbage flavour – firm to the bite and delicious.

With temperature control it is easy to cook the cabbage. Try cooking it at 95 °C for 10-20 minutes. You will get a cabbage there is tender but still has some bite.

Try serving your pointed cabbage with a Beurre monté. Beurre monté is a thick butter sauce that adds a lot of flavour to the dish.

The perfect accompaniment to both winter and spring dishes.


Poached Pointy Cabbage

1.5 l Water

1 tbsp. Salt

1 tbsp. Sugar

1 pcs. Pointed cabbage

Sauce Beurre Monté

2 tbsp. Lemon juice

100 gram Butter


Prepare the cooking brine
Combine water, salt and sugar in a saucepan. Set the temperature to 150 °C. When the brine boils, reduce the temperature to 95 °C. The salt and sugar will form an insulating layer at the bottom of the pot. It takes a lot of energy to heat it up so much that it dissolves and starts to circulate and bubble. Therefore, it is necessary to start with a higher temperature than 95 ºC.
Poach the cabbage
Rinse the cabbage and cut it into 8 wedges. Add the cabbage to the brine at 95 °C. Poach the cabbage for 10-20 minutes. The time depends on the size of the cabbage and how tender you want it. Remove the cabbage with a slotted spoon or similar.
Make the Beurre Monté sauce
Heat a saucepan to 75 °C. If you are using the saucepan in which you poached the cabbage, make sure it has cooled down completely to 75 °C before proceeding.Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the saucepan.Cut the butter into cubes of approximately 1 tbsp. It doesn't have to be super precise.Add one knob of butter at a time to the pan while whisking. When it starts to thicken and become lighter in colour, you can add more butter at a time. When all the butter is incorporated and the sauce is thick and creamy, it's done.
To serve
Place the drained cabbage in a bowl or on a plate. Pour the sauce over and serve while hot.


You can use more than 100 g butter in the sauce. Then the sauce will taste more like hollandaise and is excellent with potatoes.