One-pot Creamy Pesto Pasta


A delicious and creamy pasta dish made in a single pot! Perfect for a quick weeknight meal.

Cream cheese gives the pasta a creamy texture and basil pesto adds lots of flavour. You can easily change the flavour profile by using a different pesto, for example one with sun-dried tomatoes. The same goes for the veggies, here you can also easily swap broccoli and peas with your favourites – try squash and fresh cherry tomatoes for example.


Creamy Pesto Pasta

1 pcs. Onion

1 pcs. Garlic cloves

1 pcs. Broccoli (approx. 400 g)

1 tbsp. Oil

300 gram Pasta , fusilli

6.5 dl Water (650 ml)

200 gram Cream cheese

1 pcs. Stock cube

100 gram Pesto with basil

Lemon juice and zest of ½ lemon

150 gram Green peas , frozen

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese or other hard cheese


Prepare the vegetables
Peel the onion and dice it finely. Grate or finely chop the garlic. Rinse the broccoli and cut it into bite-sized pieces. You can also use the stem, just make sure you cut off the woody part before you cut it into cubes.
Prepare the pasta
Add the oil to the 3 litre pot and set the temperature to 150ºC. Now add the onions and garlic and fry until the onions are translucent. Add broccoli, pasta, water, cream cheese, stock cube, pesto and the juice and finely grated zest of half a lemon. Reduce the temperature to 101 ºC and cover with a lid. Simmer for 14 minutes with the lid on, stirring occasionally. Remove the lid and simmer for another 3 minutes or until the pasta is cooked to your liking and the sauce is creamy.
Add the finishing touches
Add the frozen peas, stir and let them heat through for a minute. Season to taste with salt and pepper, if the pasta has become a little too dry you can add a little water.
To serve
Serve the pasta with freshly grated Parmesan or any other hard cheese.