Most precise cooking ever!

Ztove controls the temperature very precisely (±1°C) while cooking. This yields better flavor and texture in traditional dishes - and a wealth of new possibilities to explore.

What is Ztove?

Listen, when Max tells about what Ztove is, how the technology works and what the benefits are.

Ztove is intelligent

Intelligent cookware

Sensors in the cookware tells the app how warm it is.


The app

In the app you set your target temperature in the cookware, or select a recipe. When Ztove handle the rest automatically.


Intelligent cooktop

"Talks" with the app, and control the power to reach the desired temperature.

Cook better food!

Sous vide directly in the pan - without the need for vacuum packing


Easily temperate chocolate and keep it warm

Precision makes cooking easier

Superior flavor and better crust when searing steaks

Give caramel the right color and taste
Make perfekt crepe suzette - from first to last
Deep frying outdoors - make perfect french fries


Thomas Pasfall

Owner of Restaurant Pasfall in "Brandts Passage" in Odense

“I always want the perfect result. Ztove lets me boil down my sauces perfectly."


Ole G. Mouritsen

Professor in gastro physics

"The ability to seperately control temperature and power is quite unique..."



Test user of Ztove

"It took a bit of time to get everything connected but then it was easy to control the temperature when making bearnaise. I am a big fan of Ztove."

Precision at the center

The sensor placed in the bottom of the cookware provides very precise control over the temperature and enables many new cooking possibilities.


Ztove gets better over time

The app gives full control over the temperature - Ztove will become your best buddy in the kitchen.

The App gives an abundance of opportunities now and in the future. New features will be available for free to all users through an automatic update of the App.

Appen er tilgængelig på både iOS og Android.

Meet the future of cooking

After 5 years of intense development, Ztove is finally ready to move in to the homes of the Danish food enthusiasts. Be the first to experience the future of cooking with the Ztove DUO Bundle.

Ztove DUO Bundle provides the full Ztove experience in a compact and mobile form factor, which can be used indoors as well as outdoors during the summer. Bring your kitchen with you and share the Ztove-experience with friends and family.


Ztove DUO Bundle

Ztove First-Mover Bundle

Ztove HOME 480

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Ztove First-Mover Bundle

Reservér dit Ztove First-Mover Bundle allerede i dag, eller book en prøveperiode hjemme hos dig selv.

Der er et begrænset antal Ztove First-Mover Bundles, så hvis du vil være sikker bør du bestille dit eksemplar allerede i dag.

Overvejer du om Ztove er noget for dig, men er ikke parat til at købe endnu, har du mulighed for at leje et system i 14 dage for kr. 495,-

Beløbet for prøveperioden modregnes ved køb af Ztove.

Hvis du handler hurtigt og køber et Ztove med det samme har du 30 dages fuld returret. Dermed kan du købe og afprøve Ztove helt uden risiko.

Når Ztove Home er klar kan du vælge at opgradere til en større model - det fulde beløb for Ztove First-Mover Bundle modregnes i købsprisen.

Hvis du er villig til at give os feedback på din oplevelse med Ztove, kan du få op til 30% rabat på dit system.

Det får du:

Ztove 3L kasserolle

Ztove pande

Ztove DUO kogeplade

Ztove App med fuld funktion og gratis opdateringer