Ztove Pro Z1-8kW

£3.866,38 Incl. VAT

  • Professional and powerful with 8000W
  • Portable table model
  • Intelligent cooking with recipes in the app
  • 1 cooking zones: 270mm with Ztove-technology
  • Control the temperature precisely ±1°C on the dial
  • From zero to roasting in 20 seconds
  • Bluetooth and temperature control work with Ztove cookware
  • Removable and washable filter
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Induction cooktop with an app and innovative Ztove-technology

If you choose this induction kit from danish Ztove, you will get intelligent cooking with recipes in an app. The package includes a Ztove 24 cm pan and a Ztove 3 liters saucepan. With the app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you have everything you need to cook with precise temperature. It’s like having a masterchef with you in the kitchen from day one!

Ztove technology with the app and sensors in the cookware, fries and boils with ultra-precision temperature, whereby you achieve a better taste and texture in your cooking. Works with both smart cookware from Ztove and regular cookware for induction. When you use regular induction pans and pots, the cooktop works completely as you’re used to. But with the Ztove app you will get unique control over your cooking and you can control the temperature precisely from 0-250°C (when you use Ztoves pots and pans).

The cooktop is portable and has height adjustable feet.

Smart Cooking

Ztove gives all new possibilities in cooking and a perfect result every time: your vegestables will be caramelised just right, your steaks will be incredibly juicy, your bacon will taste better when cooked with the right temperature. Ztove makes it esy to cook good food. The recipes in the app are not traditional recipes, they also include control of the temperature. This means that the result will be just like the author of the recipe wanted. This function is very unique. The list of recipes are expanded continously and you can also add your own recipes.

Easier and better cooking with the app

Achieve better flavour and texture in your cooking with precise temperature when you use Ztove cookware and app together with this cooktop. Cooking becomes easier with recipes in the app, for example you can boil a soft boiled egg with just 3 clicks.

The temperature is controlled automatically

Use Ztoves app and the smart pots and pans from Ztove with built in sensors. Then you can cook with the optimal temperature without even having to adjust the heat yourself. You just set the temperature in the app and the technology will do the rest, so you can focus on the most important things.

Faster heating with induction

The induction technology heats the cookware quickly and is the most effective heating technology for cooking. When you turn it off the heating stops immediatly.

Easy cleaning

The cookware is heated directly from the induction zone, this means that the glass surface does not get that hot. Cleaning is easy because the food does not stick to the cooktop and can be cleaned with at wet cloth.