Ztove 28cm frying pan

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See the temperature while you cook

  • 28cm smart pan with integrated sensor and app
  • See the temperature while you cook
  • Precise temperature control together with Ztoves induction cooktops
  • Super effective non-stick coated
  • 3-layer bottom with thick aluminum layer for optimal heat distribution
  • Special alloy without nickel with 37% better heat conduction than regular stainless steel.
  • Glass lid included
  • For induction: yes
  • Oven proof: no
  • Not dishwasher safe

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Ztove smart pan with app

Are you curious to see which temperature you are cooking at?

You can see the surface temperature of the pan in Ztoves app while you cook. This means that you can follow along and see when the pan is hot enough to place the meat on it. You can also keep an eye on the pan so that it does not get too hot, so you avoid burned food.

If you use the Ztove pan with a regular cooktop, you will see the temperature while you cook and become a better chef as you get to know your heating steps on your cooktop better. For example you can make creamy scrambled eggs by constantly keeping the temperature just below 100°C and keep an eye on it so that the temperature does not get too high, without having to look on the underside of what you are cooking

The temperature is regulated automatically with a Ztove compatible cooktop and the app and you can focus on what really matters, for example seasoning your meals or having fun with your guests. With Ztoves app and cooktop, you also have access to recipes which makes your life easier, the app will for example tell you when to flip your pancakes.

The pan can be used in 2 ways:

  1. On a Ztove cooktop, where the app can control the temperature very precisely for you.
  2. On a regular cooktop without Ztove-technology, where the app shows the temperature in the bottom of the pan, which is a unique help when cooking food.