HZ460K Electrolux EKI6051EOW 1
28cm frying pan and a 3L saucepan

Electrolux EKI6691NOW upgrade incl. 2 cookware

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If you already have an Electrolux EKI6691NOW, you can get Ztove without changing your cooktop .

  • Get all the features of Ztove in your own cooktop .
  • You also get 1 Ztove 3L saucepan and 1 Ztove 28cm frying pan.
  • Try new cooking techniques like deep-frying, sous vide, chocolate melting and more.
  • Experience controlled and stress-free cooking with perfect results.


When you order this upgrade, our service engineer will call and arrange a time to install the Ztove module in your home.

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If you already have an Electrolux EKI6691NOW or an Electrolux EKI6691NOX induction cooker, you have the option to make it smart by upgrading with a Ztove module. We will come and install the module for you and with Ztove pans and pots you will immediately have the opportunity for the full Ztove experience with full temperature control.

A Ztove 3L saucepan and a Ztove 28cm frying pan are included. Upgrade with Ztove and experience peace of mind and free hands when cooking. Do you have another induction hob? See the list of products that can be upgraded with Ztove.

What do you get with Ztove?

With Ztove, you can control the temperature of your Ztove pans and pots by ±1°C.
You get better taste and texture in your food, and a calm and controlled cooking.

You can easily explore recipes and cooking methods where temperature is absolutely essential, such as sous vide, bearnaise sauce, deep frying, coffee roasting, slow cooking, yoghurt, cheese, creams, chocolates, and much more.

Many of these cooking methods require a dedicated machine, but with the Ztove as a multitool, you save both kitchen space and money on extra equipment.

Ztove helps you save energy, as temperature control means you only use the heat you need. Depending on what you cook, you can save 50-80% of energy consumption.

What does the app do?

The Ztove app is available on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

In the app, you can set the temperature of your pans and pots. You can use recipes with programs to automate simple tasks. For example, with the popcorn or soft-boiled egg programme, you get a perfect result with just one click in the app. From there, the pot/pan controls itself.

You can create your own recipes or share them with other users, find other users’ applications, or use Ztove’s applications to automate simple tasks in the kitchen.

It is also possible to enjoy temperature control without having to launch the app.

More recipes and features will be added to the app over time and will be updated automatically, free of charge.

How Ztove works

Ztove cookware has sensors integrated in the bottom measuring the temperature right underneath the food being prepared. It’s unique and provides precision and predictability that until now has been reserved for sous vide and professional ovens.

Revolutionary technology in the cooktop

The sensors tell cooktop how hot the cooking utensil is, and with Ztove’s revolutionary technology built into the cooktop , it regulates the heat itself to achieve the precise temperature.

Ultra-precise temperature

With Ztove, you can get precise temperatures within ±1°C, taking cooking to a whole new level.

Fast and automatic regulation of the heat

When you throw a cold piece of meat or fish on a hot Ztove pan, the pan senses that it is getting colder and immediately tells cooktop to turn up the heat. This happens quickly and automatically.

Predictability and ultimate control

With Ztove, you cook at the optimal temperature for the best taste and perfect results. Every time.

The sense of control and predictability in cooking is nothing short of amazing.

You will experience a freedom and extra time that you can spend on seasoning, cooking an extra dish, setting the table, talking to your guests, or emptying the dishwasher.

About the cookware

Ztoves cookware is made with a specially developed, extra thick, heat-distributing layer of aluminium and a special nickel-free alloy. It provides 37% better heat conduction than ordinary stainless steel.

This gives unique properties, so you can, for example, fry evenly right to the edge on our pans – even when using the pan on just an 18cm coil.

There is a standard CR2032 battery in the handle. Battery life is 1-2 years with 1-2 hours of use per day. It’s easy to change the battery without tools. About 1 week before the battery runs out of power, the light on the handle flashes red.


The black high-efficiency non-stick coating on our pans has really good frying properties because it radiates infrared heat on a par with a cast iron pan.

About the durability of the non-stick coating

Most people have experienced old-fashioned non-stick pans where the coating breaks and peels off after a short time of use. This is often because the foreheads have become too hot.

With Ztove, the temperature never exceeds 250°C, making the coating last “almost forever”. Avoid using metal tools and especially “running coarse salt around on the coating” as it can cause scratches.