HZ460K4W Electrolux LKI6485NOW (White) with Ztove technology.

Electrolux (White)

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Get a HZ460K4W Electrolux LKI6485NOW (White) with Ztove technology.

  • Number of hobs: 4 with Ztove technology
  • Width: 596mm
  • 4 individual slider touches with 14 heating steps: select your heating step with one touch
  • Hob2Hoob function that connects your cooking section wirelessly to your cooker hood. This requires a hood with the same function.
  • SteamBake stove with PlusSteam that adds steam when cooking, and when baking you achieve fantastic results with minimal effort
  • Display with clock / minute and start-stop automatic
  • Childproof
  • Easy-to-clean oven door – can be disassembled without the use of tools
  • Active cooling system
  • Easy oven cleaning with pyrolysis technology
  • Bluetooth and temperature control work with Ztove cookware
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Delivery and assembly

When you order a stove, you will receive it within 3 working days.
If you have ordered ‘with assembly’, you will within a few days receive a call from our service technician, who will arrange a time for assembly with you.

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions about the product? Call us on +45 78 707 707 on weekdays between 9-16 or write to us at info@ztove.com .

What is Ztove?

With Ztove you get intelligent cooking with recipes in the app. It’s like having a master chef in the kitchen from day one! Ztove’s technology with app and sensors in the cookware frys and cooks with ultra-precise temperature, whereby you achieve better taste and texture in your cooking.
Works with both smart cookware from Ztove and ordinary cookware for induction.
When you use ordinary induction pans/pots, the hob works exactly as you are used to.
But with Ztove’s app you get unique control over your cooking and can control the temperature precisely from 0-250°C on the knobs – with Ztove’s pots and pans.
The hob is 596 mm wide and 600 mm deep.

Smart Cooking

Ztove offers completely new possibilities in food preparation and a perfect result every time: your vegetables are caramelized just right, the ground beef becomes incredibly juicy, your bacon tastes better fried at the right temperature and your browned potatoes become cream caramel-like – Ztove makes it easy to make good food. The recipes in the app are not traditional recipes, they also contain a temperature control. This ensures that the result is exactly as the author of the recipe wants. This feature is very unique. The recipes are constantly being expanded and you can also make your own recipes.

Easier and better cooking with the app

Achieve better taste and texture in your cooking with precise temperature when you use Ztove’s cookware and app together with this hob. Cooking becomes easier with recipes in the app, e.g. you can cook a perfect soft-boiled egg with just 3 clicks.

The temperature is controlled automatically

Use Ztove’s app and intelligent pots and pans with built-in sensors. This allows you to cook at the optimum temperature without having to adjust the heat yourself. You just set the temperature on the knob and the technology does the rest so you can concentrate on the essentials.

Faster heating with induction

Induction technology heats the cookware very quickly and is the most efficient heating technology for cooking. When you switch off, the heating stops immediately.

Easy cleaning

With a perfectly smooth surface, you can clean with a single wipe. The cookware is heated directly by the induction field and therefore the glass plate does not get so hot. This causes food or spills to burn onto the hob, which is simply wiped off with a wet cloth.

In addition, the oven has a self-cleaning system (pyrolysis)

Induction is powerful, safe and energy saving

Fast heat regulation and high safety. New technology ensures that the oven door on the outside always remains cool to the touch. Compared to glass-ceramic hobs, you achieve significant energy savings, easier cleaning and faster heating.


There are more and more recipes and functions in the app, which are continuously updated automatically and completely free of charge.

This stove is packed with smart features, including:

  • Hob2Hoob function that connects your cooking section wirelessly to your cooker hood. Start cooking and the hood automatically adjusts the settings. This requires a range hood with the same function.
  • Cooking section with slider touch operation
  • With the built-in automatic lighting, the light switches on automatically when the oven door is opened, and switches off again when closed. This is especially an advantage when you need to clean the oven compartment.
  • Included accessories: 1 Airfry plate, 1 frying pan, 2 baking trays, 1 oven rack.
  • Display with clock / minute and start-stop automatic
  • Childproof, the oven door is kept cool by means of an active cooling system. The child lock can be activated as required
  • Easy-to-clean oven door – can be disassembled without the use of tools
  • Active cooling system
  • Lighting and Fan Automatic
  • Oven programs: Underheating, Top / bottom heating, Rapid heating, Grill, Moist hot air, Pizza, Real hot air, Turbo grill



  • Left front zone: 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
  • Left rear zone: 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
  • Right front zone: 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
  • Right rear zone: 2300 / 3200W / 210mm

Electrolux and AEG are trademarks of Electrolux Home Products Denmark A / S.

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