Ztove ZM480E upgrade for Electrolux HOB850MF (2 pieces of cookware included)

£573,92 Incl. VAT

Always 100 days of customer satisfaction guarantee on Ztove modules

  • Intelligent cooking with recipes in the app
  • Select your power with one touch
  • Ztove app is included: Google Play og App Store
  • Includes 1 Ztove 3L saucepan and 1 Ztove 28cm pan.
  • Use Ztove cookware for precise temperature ± 1 °C
  • Works with both Ztove smart cookware and traditional induction cookware
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If you have a Electrolux HOB850MF induction cooktop, you can make it intelligent by upgrading it with a Ztove module. We will install the module for you, and with Ztove pans and saucepans you are able to get the full Ztove experience with complete temperature control. This includes 1 Ztove 3L saucepan and 1 Ztove 28cm pan.

Upgrade with Ztove and experience freedom and peace of mind during cooking.

See the list of products which can be upgraded with Ztove.

Smart Cooking

Ztove offers brand new cooking possibilities and a perfect result every time: your vegetables are caramelized right, the chopstick becomes incredibly juicy, your bacon tastes better at the right temperature and you can repeat it over and over – Ztove makes it easy to cook great food.

The recipes in the app are not traditional recipes, they also contain a temperature control. This ensures that the result is exactly the same as the author of the recipe wants. This feature is very unique. The recipes are continuously expanded and you can also make your own recipes.

Easier and better cooking with the app

Achieve better flavour and texture in your cooking with precise temperature when you use Ztove cookware and app together with this cooktop. Cooking becomes easier with recipes in the app, for example you can boil a soft boiled egg with just 3 clicks.

The temperature is controlled automatically

Use Ztoves app and the smart pots and pans from Ztove with built in sensors. Then you can cook with the optimal temperature without even having to adjust the heat yourself. You just set the temperature in the app and the technology will do the rest, so you can focus on the most important things.


The app is continuously updated with new recipes and functionalities for your Ztove hob and cookware.

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