Apron with Ztove logo

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  • Professional quality
  • Durable material
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Sewn ties at the waist
  • Visible embroidered Ztove logo
  • Protects against dirt and grease from cooking
  • Perfect for cooking, baking, serving etc.
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Perfect cooking deserves the right equipment so you don’t have to feel confined in the kitchen. An apron has its advantages when cooking. For example an apron protect your clothing from dirt, grease, heat and can be used to wipe hands after washing them. The Ztove apron is good for cooking, baking, serving etc. It gives an instant feeling of being more professional. Aprons with pockets are very useful while working in kitchen because you can keep important stuff or tools that you need every time you cook.
Durable apron with good fit

The Ztove apron is made of durable material that can last for years. The strap around the neck is adjustable and around the waist is sewn ties for the best fit. There is the Ztove logo embroidered on the chest and together with Ztove cookware it makes cooking a pleasure.

Available sizes:
Medium B: 70cm L: 100cm
Large B: 95cm L: 100cm (with side pockets)

Withstands 60° machine wash.