Steak sandwich with Ztove

Ground beef with soft onions and cream sauce

Delicious steak sandwiches or juicy ground beef with soft onions and tasty brown cream sauce are traditional Danish dishes that still last and for good reason!

It is important to get as much flavor in the sauce as possible without the steak becoming crunchy. In the recipe, fry the steaks for 5 minutes at 185 °. The sauce simmers at 110 ° C for 5 minutes.

bøfsandwich m. løg

Ingredient list

For 4 pers.

Cream sauce with soft onions

– 4 pcs. onion

– 50g butter

– 0.5 L whipping cream

– 1 tbsp. fish sauce, Asian

– 1 tbsp. soy sauce

The ground beef

– 800g minced beef

– 20g butter

– 2 pcs. salt

– 1 tsp. pepper

Side dish

– 4 tsp. mustard

– 100g beets

– 4 tbsp. tomato ketchup

– 100g gherkins (pickled cucumbers)

– 4 tbsp. remoulade

– 1 piece. onion, chopped

– 4 tbsp. roasted onions

– 4 pcs. boller

Course of action

Prepare the onions

Turn the pan on at 150 ° C. Add the butter. Cut the onions into ½ cm thick slices and put them in the pan as you finish them. Fry them for 30 minutes. Flip them regularly.

Shape the steaks

Divide the meat into 200 gram steaks. 4 pcs if you have 800 g minced beef.

Finish the sauce

Pour the rest of the ingredients up to the onions. Let it simmer for 5 minutes at 100 ° C

Fry the steaks

Fry the steaks for 5 x 1 minute at 185 ° C. They will still be red inside, but it disappears when they simmer in the sauce.

Finish steaks and gravy

Turn the temperature of the pan with the steaks down to 110 ° C. Pour the sauce over. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. While you make the buns ready.

Serve the steak sandwich

Shake the buns, or fry them in a little butter. Add layers of mustard, beets, ketchup, pickles, remoulade, a steak, sauce. More sauce. Cover it with gravy. Raw onions, roasted onions.

The recipe is not quite like a traditional steak sandwich. First of all, the recipe uses English Muffins instead of a regular burger bun, which you can also make on Ztove with the recipe in the app. Secondly, I only put bread in the bottom. It is a personal preference because then it is easier to cut the sandwich without mashing it. You can easily use regular burger buns, which is also a recipe in the app.

See in the video below how Max makes steak sandwiches