Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Yes. When the hob is not connected to the app, it works like a regular induction cooker.
If you have pots and pans for induction, it can be used on hobs from Ztove.

You can read more about induction and which pots and pans are suitable  here.

Yes! In addition to precise and uniform frying of food, the Ztove system can replace a number of different appliances, e.g.

  • Frying pan
  • Sous vide
  • Egg cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Slow cooker

Yes, but we recommend using it with the app. When used on a standard induction hob, it cannot self-regulate temperature. But you get the unique advantage of being able to see the temperature of what you cook in the app.

Temperatures for surface cooking are brand new. However, most people are used to temperature when cooking in the oven. In general, one can say that the air in the oven can be warmer without burning the food (as fast) as a frying pan would do at the same temperature. The surface of the pan has a much better “grip” in the frying crust.

There are recipes in the Ztove app with temperature control. In addition, we have a quick guide with an indication of temperatures, which you can then use when making your own recipes. Your recipes can also be saved in the app and shared with others if you like.

No, Ztove cookware must not be heated in an oven or similar.

No, cooking utensils from Ztove must not be machine washed. Instead, wash your cookware by hand with a soft sponge or brush.

It is rare for the non-stick coating to wear off during normal household use. Wash the pan or pan by hand after use. Use warm water, a soft brush and dishwashing liquid for hand washing.

In most cases where the non-stick coating wears out, it may be due to overheating, scratches from the use of metal tools and / or excessive cleaning.

To extend the life of your cookware, you should not use metal utensils on your pan or pan. You should avoid utensils with sharp edges and avoid cutting, stabbing or scraping directly into the pan or pan. It will ruin the coating of the cookware.

Instead, choose tools made of wood or plastic.

Ztove’s cookware has a typical battery life of 1-2 years, depending on usage patterns. It is a standard CR2032 battery that sits in the handle.

In the app under the tab “devices” you can see the remaining capacity of the battery next to the cookware
(stated in percent).

If the light in the handle does not light up when moving and the app indicates that the battery has run out of power, replace it with the following procedure:

1) Use a coin to unlock the battery cover by turning left.
2) Turn the lever over, drop the battery and insert a new battery.
3) Put the battery cover in place and screw to the right with the coin.

Watch the video to change the battery .

Ztove works on all newer Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Some use the smartphone they already have. Others dedicate an iPad / tablet to the kitchen.

If you have an older gadget lying in the drawer, it may be given new life with Ztove. If it is very old, you may find that the app runs slowly or that the Bluetooth connection is not stable.

If you need to buy a new device, we have compiled some recommendations below. In short, one can say that a new iPad will always work well. And the cheapest Android tablet on offer – probably a discontinued model with only 2GB of RAM) is just around the corner.

Here are the minimum and recommended requirements:




iOS version


Most recent

Android version


Most recent

Bluetooth low energy *)





4GB or more

Storage space (Flash)


8GB or more

Internet access

Not required to use the app.

To create your own recipes and favorites, login to the App and Internet connection is required

*) the vast majority of iOS and Android devices run Bluetooth 4.0 or later that support Bluetooth Low Energy.

It’s easy to get a little greasy in the kitchen. However, you mostly use your device at the beginning, when you set the temperature of what you are going to cook. There is usually no need to adjust up and down, as you know from the vast majority of existing kitchens.

In our experience, most people use their phones anyway. Whether it’s to find recipes or change music, or is on social media. Therefore, the screen will also be in use already for most people.