We have compiled a number of articles which contain useful information about Ztove.
Get an insight into others’ experiences and experiences with Ztove. You will find i.a. also information about our satisfaction guarantee as well as assembly and disposal service.
Also read about the coating on our pots and pans, or find tips on how to clean and maintain your cookware.
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The team at has written a positive review of Ztove. To test the gear, they have i.a. baked bread, toasted coffee beans and made popcorn.
“Whether you’re cooking rice, frying steaks or popping popcorn, it’s just cool to get a helping hand off the stove.”
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LOGO Grilltips dk1 has written an article about Ztove, which tells why they enjoy Ztove in the kitchen:
“When the temperature can be controlled precisely, it is no problem for our children to cook. It does not burn on or run off for them.” 
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Read the article that O-town has written about Ztove, maybe you learn something you did not know:
“A normal stove is not interested in how hot it is in a pan or on a pan. So even if, for example, the frying pan has reached the right temperature, the stove just knuckles on.”
Gå til artiklen her. has tested Ztove and written about its experience:
“When motion sensors and temperature sensors are built into pots and pans, as well as playing along with an intelligent induction hob and an app on the smartphone, your cooking skills move up in the super league.”
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Read the article that the online magazine has written about Ztove.
“If you’re the type who loves gadgets in the kitchen, then Ztove is definitely worth a look.”
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Allan Ømand from Ømands has been past our kitchen. Here our Max gets a good lesson in how to fry bacon.
See the article about the man behind an award-winning smokehouse!


Read about induction, what the benefits of induction are, which pots and pans can be used on induction hobs and whether cooking utensils from Ztove can be used.
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Sous vide

Get a brief explanation of what sous vide is all about and see in a video how Ztove is used to cook sous vide directly on the frying pan – completely without plastic bags, vacuum packs and water bath.
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We have collected a number of delicious recipes, which have been developed especially for Ztove. The recipes contain settings for time and temperature, so you can easily and quickly get started cooking with Ztove. Gå til artiklen her.

Cleaning and maintenance

A guide to cleaning and maintaining your cookware. Read more about how you can easily remove dirt from the pot or pan and how to protect the coating.
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Non-stick coating

Ztove’s pots and pans have a non-stick coating that helps the food to escape easily and not burn into the pot or pan. In addition, the precise control of the temperature ensures that the food does not burn on.
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Satisfaction guarantee

In addition to the regular 14-day right of withdrawal, you always get a 100-day satisfaction guarantee on all hobs purchased on our webshop.  Go to the article here.


If you have bought a new hob from our webshop, you can quickly and easily get it fitted with our assembly service. So you can get started cooking with Ztove. Find mounting in our shop and add it to the basket, together with the hob you want to mount. 
See our installation guide
Read here about our assembly service

Ztove app

Try one of the recipes in the app, and Ztove will assist you in the kitchen and automatically regulate temperature and time. Connect your smartphone or tablet to Ztove and access a wealth of smart features. Gå til artiklen her.

Energy saving

In the app you can keep an eye and see how hot the cookware is, even when you have turned off the hob. You can also track your energy consumption directly in the app. Get tips on how to save energy in the kitchen.
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Ztove is multifunctional kitchen equipment that replaces many other kitchen appliances and equipment. It gives you extra space at the kitchen table. You only need Ztove’s app, induction hob and cookware. Gå til artiklen her.