Stress-free cooking with Ztove.

Experience the pleasure of
temperature control.

What is Ztove?

Ztove is hi-tech kitchenware developed and assembled in Denmark.
With Ztove you can control the temperature precisely (±1°C) when cooking or frying.

It gives better taste and texture in traditional dishes – and a wealth of new options.
You experience stress-free and perfect cooking. Every time.

Max explains what Ztove is and how the technique provides perfect cooking. Every time. 

Next generation kitchen

Best in class kogegrej

Ztove cookware has sensors integrated in the bottom measuring the temperature right underneath the food being prepared.

We use an extra thick aluminium layer, as well as a special nickel-free alloy with 37% better heat conduction than ordinary stainless steel.

This gives unique properties, so you can, for example, fry evenly right to the edge on our pans.

In the app, you set the desired temperature in the cooking range and find a wide range of recipes.

The recipes have automatic programmes to help with cooking – some dishes can be prepared with just one click.

Ztove can also be used without the app.

Ztove’s technology takes you into the kitchen of the future. A replacement for all your gadgets such as rice cookers, fryers and more.

You have full control over the temperature of your cooking, which gives peace of mind in the kitchen and ensures a good and predictable result.

Perfect cooking. Every time.

What do the professional chefs say?

Omar Hashimi

Food & Beverages Professional

Omar Hashimi, who is a trained chef and has fried thousands of steaks, was somewhat skeptical when he found Ztove on Facebook. He thought Ztove was a “stupid idea”. So we invited him over to see who could roast a steak best.

Ole Kragekjær Madsen

Food stylist / cookbook author

Gourmet chef, photographer and Masterchef finalist Ole Kragekjær Madsen challenges Ztove by making three temperature-sensitive dishes.

Thomas Pasfall

Owner of Restaurant Pasfall in Brandts passage, Odense

Gourmet chef Thomas Pasfall prepares a beautiful and tasty spring dish with fish and asparagus.

Thomas was quick to call Ztove “brilliant” and has helped Peter with sparring in early development.

Allan Ømand

Baconista at ØMANDS

Allan Ømand from Ømands Bacon is visiting Ztove’s test kitchen. He nerds with salting, smoking, ripening and produces gourmet bacon in his own award-winning smokehouse.

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