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What is Ztove?

Max explains the concept:

Ztove controls the temperature very precisely (±1°C) while cooking. This yields better flavor and texture in traditional dishes - and a wealth of new possibilities to explore.

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Ztove app

In the app, you set the desired temperature in the cookware, or choose a recipe that does the rest automatically.


Intelligent cookware

Sensors in the cookware tell the app how hot it is.


Intelligent stove

Receives message from the app about how much heat must be added to the cookware to achieve the perfect temperature.

Professional chef in steak-off with Ztove

Omar Hashimi has cooked thousands of steaks professionally as a chef at a famous restaurant.

He was very sceptical reading about Ztove on Facebook. We invited him to visit us to do a cooking competition and find out who could cook the best steak. Omar using steel pan and Max using Ztove.


Ztove gets better over time...

The app gives full control over the temperature - Ztove will become your best buddy in the kitchen.

The App gives an abundance of opportunities now and in the future. New features will be available for free to all users through an automatic update of the App.

Experience the Ztove app

What do people say about Ztove?

Morten Ildal


"The reason I'm interested in Ztove
- is because it makes me cook better
- consistently better food."



"When the temperature can be controlled precisely, it is no problem for our children to cook.
It does not burn on or run off for them."

Karin Hansen

Owner of Ztove DUO

"A fantastic help in the kitchen. Now I can not live without Ztove."

    What do the professionals and science say?

    Thomas Pasfall ejer restaurant pasfall i Odense

    Thomas Pasfall

    Owner of Restaurant Pasfall in "Brandts Passage" in Odense
    “I always want the perfect result. Ztove lets me boil down my sauces perfectly."
    Ole G. Mouritzen, Professor

    Ole G. Mouritsen

    Professor in gastro physics
    "The ability to seperately control temperature and power is quite unique..."

    Michael Gertz

    “The most beautiful roast I have seen.
    It's approved!"

    Gå til's anmeldelse af Ztove
    gastromand logo

    "Whether you're cooking rice, frying steaks or popping popcorn, it's just cool to get a helping hand using Ztove."

    - Food nerd and engineer, Frederik Lundberg

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    Always 100% control with precise temperature

    With the right temperature, you get better taste and texture in your cooking.
    It's like having a master chef in the kitchen from day one!

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